Wisconsin Judge loses his mind: Says a farmer cannot drink milk from his own cow!

It is truly disheartening is to see what is happening with the regulatory assault on raw milk. In the past several months there have been several court cases around the US and Canada involving farmers providing raw milk to people. One after the other the cases have went against the farmer or person(s) providing raw milk. A Wisconsin judge in September ruled that a farmer doesn’t even have the right to consume milk from his or her own cows! NO joking! This sounds more like Joseph Stalin’s type of totalitarian reign he assumed over people in the former Soviet Union (where farmers were not allowed to keep any of what they produced) than our Founding Fathers’ America, land of the free! If we allow our country to continue down this trek we will have far more to worry about than access to raw milk. Unless we have become the land of the wee-wees, I never dreamed of the day when my fellow Americans and I would have to enter into a conflict with the “people’s” government to preserve people’s basic rights endowed upon us by our creator and enshrined in the United States Constitution, which judges take an oath to uphold. It looks more every day that this will not be a mere nightmare dream but more like the probable future staring at us that will test our understanding of what it truly means to be free people and our resolve to preserve that freedom.
To learn more about the Wisconsin judge’s ruling:

Support H.R 1830
H.R. 1830, a bill that would allow the interstate shipment of raw milk and raw milk products for human consumption, has been introduced by Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) and co-sponsored by Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME). Passage of HR 1830 into law would enable everyone to exercise their right to consume raw milk, whether they live in a state where the sale of raw milk is illegal or in a state where the sale is legal but sources are limited.


About pasturesdelights

Mark is the founder of Pasture’s Delights. Raised on an east-central Indiana farm he attended Purdue University where he milked cows at night while taking classes and flight lessons during the day. He gained valuable organizational leadership experience in different capacities as Purdue University Flight Team coach and an airline captain. For the past 15 years in his “spare” time he has been studying various farming methods as well as progressive ethical business practices. As a child he remembers the RAW milk experience and the not-so-wonderful experience of drinking the milk at school. Possessing a real enthusiasm for farming, business, and the ideals of our Founding Fathers he combines these 3 interests for a powerful vision in Pasture’s Delights.
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