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Volume I.  Issue 8

Dear REAL Milk Fan  ,
If you haven’t been a part of the REAL Milk action yet, well, we hope to change that soon!  We are hearing from fans from all over Indiana who are looking forward to a REAL Milk experience without having to drive very far to get a piece of the action.  Making this possible via a Delivery Service is a significant undertaking and one we look forward to doing well.  If you provide us your assistance by completing the Delivery Service Questionnaire, we will be better able to evaluate how we can economically serve you REAL Milk brought to you by Pasture Delights!
A Delivery Service could take Pasture’s Delights to a whole new level, bringing local, organic, grass-fed and all-natural food from farm to fork all over Indiana!  Our customer testimonials (below) indicate that REAL people are already enjoying and growing healthy on REAL milk! 
Talking about REAL Milk delivery can generate a lot of excitement.  We feel, though, that it is best that you realize that it will take a lot of work, planning, and mutual commitment to develop the BEST delivery service for you. 
Farmer Mark’s Action Items for developing the Delivery Service(s):
1.  Ascertain what kind of service REAL Milk fans want and how much it is worth to them.  If feedback is good, we’ll move on to step 2.
2.  Refine business plan detailing startup and growth stages, necessary equipment investment, operating costs, breakeven and financial analysis.  If what customers are willing to pay is able to cover costs, we’ll move on to step 3.
3.  Determine qualified talent to execute the plan and manage the Delivery Service.  When we have team members who can make this work, we’ll move on to step 4.
4.  Conduct regional meetings around the state with REAL Milk fans interested in supporting a Delivery Service.  They will meet the team and discuss the game plan.  Request $30 herd-share down-payment commitments.  This is where the rubber meets the road.  If we have the prerequisite number of herd-share commitments, we’ll move on to step 5.
5.  Request start-up funding from REAL Milk supporters to pay for equipment and cover start-up costs.  This will give us the traction we need to make it possible to deliver REAL milk in keeping with the highest quality standards, so that the quality of milk brought to your location will be just as high as it is at the farm.  Once we have customers, help, and equipment, then we’re ready!
6.  We will play smart, play with heart, and we’ll deliver the kind of results REAL Milk fans love.  YOU the customer will be able to enjoy your REAL Milk from your cow boarded conveniently at our farm in the country, without leaving the city or maybe even the comfort of your home!

Our questionnaire is located at the end of this Pasture Bites newsletter.  In order for our business plan and service to fit your needs, we need to hear from you!
REAL Milk Testimonial
Even though you’ve only known us for a couple months, here’s a success story to encourage you! My dad (herd-share owner Roger Tew) went in for his cholesterol check last week- this was basically his last chance before he got put on meds. We got him started in March and he had this test taken last week. This is an excerpt from his email to us….

“The results are in and the winner is………………….me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The numbers: total cholesterol – last test 169 – this test 154. hdl- the good chol – last test 37,  this test 46.  That is a real improvement.  ldl-the bad chol last test 101 this test 93.  That is real good too!!   I saved the best for the last!!! Triglycerides  last test 153  this test 74!!    I got this info from the nurse and she said that the doc said to stay on that low Cholesterol diet!!!!!!!!!!!!    I can’t wait to see him and tell him that my low cholesterol diet includes real butter, an egg everyday with sausage and coconut oil!!!  And beside that I am drinking raw milk!!  So I celebrated tonight with a bowl of sliced peaches with homemade yogurt poured over them and topped off with cheerios!! Yumm!!    I get another blood test in 6 months.    So my hat is off to Jennifer for putting the seed thoughts in my mind with her research and to Daniel with all of his research and info about what fat is and the real facts about cholesterol.  You were all so encouraging this summer while I experimented with the foods that I ate,  the results are so much better than I expected.” – (Roger Tew’s words)

So thanks for providing us with good, real milk! We love it!
Jessica Manduka” (herd-share owner from Warsaw)

There is a lot of medical advice from doctors eschewing dairy products because of their heart attack inducing causes, namely high cholesterol.  I agree with their assessment with respect to corn-fed, confinement raised dairy cows producing milk which is normally processed.  It is the corn in most cows’ diets that causes an increase in bad cholesterol in dairy products.  Scientific literature suggests that milk from grass-fed cows fed no corn has the correct cholesterol levels conducive to superb human health.  Check out this article from
Take care of your heart! Eat whole milk dairy products from our grass-fed cows.

For decades, we’ve been told that eating full-fat dairy products increases the risk of heart attack. Now, a study from the Journal of Clinical Nutrition says that the more full-fat dairy products people consume, the lower their risk of heart attack—provided the cows were grass-fed.  

The reason grass-fed milk is protective is that it has up to five times more conjugated linoleic acid or CLA. CLA is a healthy fat found in the meat and milk of grazing animals. People who eat grass-fed dairy products absorb the CLA and store it in their tissues. In this new study of over 3,500 people, those with the highest levels of CLA in their tissues had a fifty percent lower risk of heart attack than those with the lowest levels. Keeping Bossy on grass could prevent more heart attacks than putting people on expensive pharmaceutical drugs with all their troubling side effects. 

Smit, Liesbeth A, Ana Baylin, and Hannia Campos. 2010. Conjugated linoleic acid in adipose tissue and risk of myocardial infarction. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  Published ahead of print, May 12, 2010.
Gift Certificates!
This Thanksgiving and Christmas season, give the gift of quality food while putting the “sustain” in your sustainable Indiana farm!  Gift certificates can be redeemed on all products sold in the farm store or applied to purchase of herd-share or to boarding fees.  You may pick up the gift certificates either from the Pasture’s Delights farm store or you may order gift certificates by indicating number of gift certificates, dollar amount each, and remit along with payment to Pasture’s Delights; 4579 N. Salem Rd; Decatur, IN 46733. 
Pasture Delights Chicken
On October 2nd we processed 260 pasture-raised chickens.  We are sold out of chickens until next season.  Yes, we should have raised more chickens!  Stay tuned to future Pasture Bites for 2011 processing dates and early order discounts.  I want to extend a special thank-you to all our chicken lovers!  You helped get our first season off to a successful start and we look forward to serving you more delightfully pasture-raised chicken for many years to come.
Too Rushed to Defrost Meat?….Canned grass-fed beef may the answer.
Our grass-fed, Angus beef is convenient great by itself or for beef stews, fajitas, beef and noodles, casseroles and BBQ beef sandwiches… the list goes on!  All your cancer-fighting CLAs (conjugated linoleic acids)  and mind-enhancing Omega 3 fatty acids are preserved in a handy form for when the electricity goes out… and also for those last-minute dinners on busy nights (no defrosting required!)  What a convenient and economical way to serve your family nourishing food on the go… Goodbye, preservative-filled take-out meals!
Prices per can:
14 oz. can–$4.00
27 oz. can–$7.50
Prices per case:
24 cans (27 oz.)–$171.00 [You save $9.00]
That’s over 40 pounds of canned, grass-fed beef at a great price!
Delivery Service Questionnaire
Click on this link to access and complete survey:
Want to get in on the discussion for planning the Pasture’s Delights Delivery Service?  Go to the Pasture’s Delights Facebook discussion page and share your thoughts and ideas!  search: Pasture’s Delights, click on Discussions tab. 

 Wishing you wellness and happiness,

Mark Grieshop
Pasture’s Delights
Decatur, Indiana

Ellen Rice
Newsletter Editor and Survey Developer


About pasturesdelights

Mark is the founder of Pasture’s Delights. Raised on an east-central Indiana farm he attended Purdue University where he milked cows at night while taking classes and flight lessons during the day. He gained valuable organizational leadership experience in different capacities as Purdue University Flight Team coach and an airline captain. For the past 15 years in his “spare” time he has been studying various farming methods as well as progressive ethical business practices. As a child he remembers the RAW milk experience and the not-so-wonderful experience of drinking the milk at school. Possessing a real enthusiasm for farming, business, and the ideals of our Founding Fathers he combines these 3 interests for a powerful vision in Pasture’s Delights.
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