September Pasture Bites

Pasture BitesMusings and News from Our Sustainable Livestock Farm

Volume I.  Issue 7

Dear Supporters of REAL food,

How are you doing?  Are you enjoying the fall weather yet?  It seems with the early arrival of fall-like weather we may have a lot of nice days to enjoy before the snowflakes start falling. 

An early spring and good summer rains allowed us to harvest a plentiful supply of hay for winter feed.  This is a great thing because the rain faucet turned off in August.  As pasture growth comes to a grinding halt our cows get to munch on nutritious organic hay to supplement their diet.

While we do a fine job of keeping the cows fed, we have a lot of work to do in getting our REAL food to YOU!  As we said last year, we do have full intentions of building a delivery service that will make our products more conveniently available to you.  I understand that practical accessibility is a reasonable “must” for most people who wish to include REAL Milk in their healthy diet.  Currently I am recruiting several consultant advisors and look forward to coming up with a plan that addresses a litany of logistical considerations along with a cost analysis for undergoing this endeavor.  This much I can say:  the cost to drive to a destination is relatively the same whether we are dropping off 10 gallons of milk or 1,000 gallons of milk.  Distribution and delivery is costly, but not near as costly as several people spending the time and gas to drive to our farm every week or two to pick up milk plus the cost of people forgoing REAL milk due to practical availability.  Basically, the more people who partake in the REAL Milk drop-off point delivery service, the better for everyone involved.  Please stay tuned for more information in forthcoming newsletters about Delivery Service development. 

Keeping with the theme of power in numbers, your congressman and senators need to hear from EACH of you!  Our representatives are entertaining “feel good” legislation intended to protect people from unsafe food, but this in fact exacerbates the very problems they are trying to prevent, not to mention infringing upon our core American freedom values.  Please take a moment to educate yourself on the proposed Food Safety Bills, their unintended consequences, and how they will affect you.  If you feel this legislation is bad for you and your fellow Americans, then take action and let your representatives know! 

Win Pasture’s Delights Products: Join Our New Logo Contest

Pasture’s Delights announces a Logo Contest!   We wish to turn to our herd share owners and customers for your ideas.  The person who designs the winning logo (i.e., the logo we will use) will receive $200 of Pasture’s Delights products (canned beef, herd shares, pre-ordered chickens, etc.)  The 2nd place and 3rd place contestants will win $100 and $50 in products respectively.  If we choose to take ideas from multiple logos we will divide the winnings between the designers of the different logo themes we use. For more information please contact Mark Grieshop

Too Rushed to Defrost Meat?….Canned Pastured Beef for Sale!

Have you ever tried Pasture’s Delights canned beef? Our grass-fed, Black Angus beef is great for beef stews, fajitas, beef and noodles, casseroles and BBQ beef sandwiches… the list goes on!  All your cancer-fighting CLAs (conjugated linoleic acids)  and mind-enhancing Omega 3 fatty acids are preserved in a handy form for when the electricity goes out… and also for those last-minute dinners on busy nights (no defrosting required!) What a convenient and economical way to serve your family nourishing food on the go… Goodbye, preservative-filled take-out meals!

Prices per can:

14 oz. can–$4.00

27 oz. can–$7.50

Prices per case:

24 cans (27 oz.)–$171.00 [You save $9.00!]

That’s over 40 pounds of canned, grass-fed beef at a great price!

p.s. Our cans and cases of Canned Beef make great gifts!

Pastured Dairy Cow Profile: Meet our Founding Cow Hef  We would like you to get to know your herd better, and what a better way to start than to introduce Hef, one of our first cows and one of our best!  On August 24, 2009, after making the four-hour journey from a farm near Columbus, Indiana, a cow named Hef walked off the trailer onto her new farm home, to make history as one of the founding cows of Pastures’ Delights REAL milk dairy.

Hef tells Farmer Mark how much she likes eating fresh alfalfa and red clover!

Hef is not only a beauty; she is everything we desire in a superior dairy cow.  What Farmer Mark likes most of all about Hef is that she rarely misbehaves.  While some cows like to push a person’s buttons by going places they are not supposed to, Hef just seems to mind her own business and not cause any problems.  She is so very smart!  If Hollywood ever needs a cow for a movie, Hef could fulfill that role and win an Oscar! 

Though different dairy breeds have their pros and cons, we chose the Ayrshire for what we believe to be a very balanced ideal cow for Pasture’s Delights. 

  • First of all, we chose Ayrshires for the people who consume REAL Milk.  The milk from an Ayrshire cow is the most digestible milk of any cow breed.  The fatty acid particles and proteins are of a consistently small size allowing for easier digestion. 
  • We also chose Ayrshires for future enterprise possibilities such as making REAL cheese. The milk from Ayrshire cows makes a superior cheese compared to cheeses made with milk from other breeds. 
  • Finally, Ayrshires are the perfect pasture cow.  Ayrshires like to eat green grass and are darn good at it!  Asking a cow to produce a good supply of milk just from grass requires a special breed.  Most breed genetics are not “tough” enough to withstand the rigors of grass-only diets and still produce a plentiful supply of milk.  Just like the momma cows, Ayrshire calves are very tough.  We feel blessed to have our Ayrshires. 

Pastured Chickens On-Farm Processing —Saturday October 2nd!

This is a reminder to those who have pre-ordered chickens for October 2nd.  Please come between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. to our farm to pick up your Pasture’s Delights pastured chickens!  Our chickens are tender and flavorful, and they make great soup stock as well!

Our chickens are humanely processed on-farm while factory farm chickens are often processed using cruel and unsanitary methods.

Gift certificates coming soon!

This Thanksgiving and Christmas season, give the gift of quality food while putting the “sustain” in your sustainable Indiana farm!  Stay tuned for further announcements about Pasture’s Delights gift certificates! 

Pasture’s Delights Looking for Several Good Advisors

Before we get started developing the plans for the REAL Milk delivery service I feel it is important to have a team of people experienced in the distribution arena who are willing and able to provide their guidance and judgment to help put together a plan that will work successfully.

If you …

  • Have interest in assisting Pasture’s Delights develop a quality Delivery Service and 2-3 hrs a week to commit to the planning project and
  • Have experience in distribution and delivery transportation system logistics, with a background in associated business finances being a big plus

Please send an email introducing yourself and attach a short narrative describing your experience along with an example of your “talent” as it relates to the Distribution and Delivery Service, to Mark Grieshop

URGENT Food Freedom Action Item: Tell Your Senators to Oppose S. 510!

As we continue to grow, we at Pasture’s Delights are aware that real threats are casting a cloud over the future of REAL milk and local farming.  As we have mentioned before, we are primarily involved in bringing you quality products.  We need you the share-holder and customer to advocate for your rights.  When appropriate, we will provide you with Food Freedom Action Items to make it easy to make a difference!

Food safety bills prompted by Big Agribusiness and its failures to supply quality food are impacting YOUR freedom to make responsible (response-able) food choices!  REAL milk and foods produced by small farms are prime targets of this bill.  Read on for details: 

S. 510, the so-called “Food Safety Modernization Act,” is inspired by outbreaks such as the salmonella in factory-farmed eggs from Iowa.  But because of special interests, it is going to reward the same big food industry players who caused the crisis…. while crushing local and community producers of HEALTHY FOOD with massive rules and regulations!

·         S. 510 will drive up the cost of food and your cost of living by adding layers of bureaucracy to food production;

·         While OUR purchasing power goes down as S. 510 drives up food costs during these already-tough times, Section 401 of S. 510 authorizes nearly $1 billion to grow the FDA’s reach and calls for the hiring of 4,000 new federal employees in fiscal year 2010 alone! 

·         Instead of using “credible evidence” of food safety violations, the new law will substitute a broad criterion of “reasonable probability,” meaning that farmers can be charged with food safety violations, and invaded, quarantined, or shut down, without proof!  In the case of REAL milk, a few unsanitary farms can be used as examples of “reasonable probability” to shut down responsible operations like Pasture’s Delights, which tests rigorously and frequently to insure your milk is safe to drink!

·         The present safety criterion of “presents a threat of serious adverse health consequences or death to humans or animals” will be changed to “is adulterated or misbranded.”  Wow!  This means that harmless foods that are categorized as “adulterated” or “misbranded” will be considered “unsafe” even if they present no threat of health consequence to humans or animals!  Will safe, nutritious raw milk be defined by an FDA bureaucrat as “adulterated” or “misbranded”?

.         S. 510 grants blanket authority for federal agencies to harmonize ALL American food production and processes with the globalist—and fairly criticized– Codex of international guidelines and standards.  A worldwide Codex will only serve to lower food standards to a minimum “least common denominator” beneath which quality will not sink.  It will not encourage excellence but standardization.       Big Agriculture and Big Government are targeting the very same food producers who are providing diversity and wholesome and healing foods!

·      The end result will be that a SMALL number of BIG companies will have control over the food supply in the United States—and if we are subsumed into the global food Codex, the global food supply could be unjustly controlled by a handful of small elites who will, if history is any predictor of future behavior, could very well mete out or withhold food in order to consolidate power.  (“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” as the saying goes.)           

Food freedom is not a matter of party politics.  It is a matter of deciding that we have the right to make our most basic decisions for ourselves!

 Click here to contact your senators today to tell them to oppose S.510!

Wishing you freedom, wellness and happiness,

Mark Grieshop


Pasture’s Delights

P.S.  Special thanks to photographer Jim Grieshop, Ellen Rice and Jamie Pike for their assistance in developing this issue of Pasture Bites!


About pasturesdelights

Mark is the founder of Pasture’s Delights. Raised on an east-central Indiana farm he attended Purdue University where he milked cows at night while taking classes and flight lessons during the day. He gained valuable organizational leadership experience in different capacities as Purdue University Flight Team coach and an airline captain. For the past 15 years in his “spare” time he has been studying various farming methods as well as progressive ethical business practices. As a child he remembers the RAW milk experience and the not-so-wonderful experience of drinking the milk at school. Possessing a real enthusiasm for farming, business, and the ideals of our Founding Fathers he combines these 3 interests for a powerful vision in Pasture’s Delights.
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2 Responses to September Pasture Bites

  1. Tim says:

    “This means that harmless foods that are categorized as “adulterated” or “misbranded” will be considered “unsafe” even if they present no threat of health consequence to humans or animals”!

    Now read this excerpt form The Raw Story: That the Food and Drug Administration is opposed to labeling foods that are genetically modified is no surprise anymore, but a report in the Washington Post indicates the FDA won’t even allow food producers to label their foods as being free of genetic modification. WOW! (again)

    One might think that contacting the FDA might be better since they seem to be the legislators here! (only congress is supposed to do that)

    Article here:

  2. Natalie says:

    WOW! We really aren’t free anymore are we? I just wanted to cry when I read this. I’ll try to make time this week to email/write our senators. And if not this week, next for sure. Enough is enough, you know?

    But now on a good note. I’m still LOVING my milk! ^.^ And loved the picture. You two look like the best of friends.


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